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ラジオ英会話 Lesson 020 今週のREVIEW

Lesson 016 授与型

Ken: I really enjoyed today’s English conversation class. How about you, Miho?

Miho: I enjoyed it, too. Today’s class was fun. Our teacher is great.

Ken: But he always gives us so much homework.

Miho: Why don’t we work on it together this weekend?

Ken: That’s a great idea, but I’ll need to check my schedule. Can you give me your phone number?

Miho: Sure. Here you are.

Ken: Thanks. I’ll call you later.

Miho: OK. Bye!

Pick-Up Phrases

Can you give me your phone number?

Lesson 017 授与型 マイナスの授与

Laura: Hey, Kevin, don’t you think we have too much homework these days?

Kevin: I agree. I have to stay up late every night.

Laura: By the way, did you finish yesterday’s homework?

Kevin: Yes, but just the science homework took me three hours.

Laura: Yeah, it was really hard. How about the English?

Kevin: Luckily, the English homework only took me half an hour.

Laura: That’s because you’re so good at English!

Pick-Up Phrases

The science homework took me three hours.

Lesson 018 授与型と似通った意味を持つ形

Christine: Oh, I like this picture book. It’s beautiful.

David: It’s one of my favorites. It’s a fantasy story about dragons.

Christine: It’s very old. When did you get it?

David: My grandmother gave it to me when I was five.

Christine: Did she read the book to you?

David: Yes. She read it to me many times at bedtime.

Christine: Oh, how sweet!

Pick-Up Phrases

My grandmother gave it to me when I was five. Did she read the book to you?

Lesson 019 文型が支配する文の意味

Maya: Hello, Steve. It’s Maya. I got to L. A. a couple of hours ago. I’m now at the HO hotel.

Steve: Good. Now, about dinner, I’ve booked a table at your favorite restaurant.

Maya: Wonderful! It’s not far from the hotel. I’ll walk.

Steve: No. It’s getting dark. I have a car, so I’ll pick you up. I’ll be there in about 15 minutes.

Maya: Thank you! I can’t wait to see you.

Steve: Me too. See you soon.

Pick-Up Phrases

I got to L. A. a couple of hours ago. It’s getting dark.




自分が主人公になって表現してみましょう。 あなたは宿題に長時間かかって疲れました。5時間、など具体的な数字を入れてもいいです。 そこにお母さんが飲み物を持ってきてくれた、という状況です。 [英語で状況を説明してみよう]

使用表現例 homework  宿題 tired  疲れた a cup of hot chocolate  ココア coffee  コーヒー tea  紅茶 green tea  お茶、などお好きな飲み物を


My homework took five hours, and I got tired. My mother brought me a cup of hot chocolate.

日本語訳例 宿題をするのに5時間かかり、わたしはとても疲れました。 母はわたしにココアを持ってきてくれました。

最初の文の take は「(時間などが)かかる」。「疲れた」は get を使った説明型で表せる。 接続詞は and。「5時間かかってそして疲れた」と緩やかな因果関係を表す。

「持ってきてくれた」は bring で簡単に表せます。bring の過去形が brought です。


My homework was taking much longer than usual. Luckily, my mom noticed I was getting very tired, so she brought me a lovely mug of coffee which I then spilled all over my work. Aaagh!

日本語訳例 宿題がいつもよりはるかに長くかかっていました。 嬉しいことに母が、ぼくが疲れていることに気付いてくれてコーヒーを持ってきてくれましたが、それをぼくは宿題にこぼしてしまいました。 あぁぁぁ!



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