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NHK ラジオ英会話 Lesson 010 今週のREVIEW


Lesson 006 説明型 beの性質

Carl: Look at this picture, Mayumi.

Mayumi: Oh, who’s that guy?

Carl: That’s my cousin David.

Mayumi: He looks very serious and smart.

Carl: Really? Actually, he is an engineer. He works in Silicon Valley.

Mayumi: Where is that?

Carl: Well, it’s in Northern California, close to San Francisco. He went to university in that area.

Mayumi: Oh, I see.

Carl: His major was computer science.

Pick-Up Phrases

he is an engineer.

Lesson 007 説明型 beの自由

Jason: Hi, Rosanna. It’s Jason. Are you at the cafe already?

Rosanna: Yes, I’m here. Where are you?

Jason: I’m almost there.

Rosanna: How about John?

Jason: John just called. He is at the station. His train was delayed.

Rosanna: Can he find the cafe?

Jason: Yes, I sent him a map.

ORosanna: K. I’m sitting at a table near the door.

Jason: Great. I’ll be there in a minute or two. See you soon.

Pick-Up Phrases

He is at the station.

Lesson 008 説明型 オーバーラッピング基礎

Mika: Hi,Ivan. You look really happy today.

Ivan: I got a ticket to the new “Space Wars” musical.

Mika: Oh, I heard it’s really good.

Ivan: Yes, I’m a big fan of the “Space Wars” movies, so I’m looking forward to the musical too.

Mika: I want to see it too. Can you get another ticket?

Ivan: It will be difficult, but I’ll try my best.

Pick-Up Phrases

You look really happy today.

Lesson 009 説明型 オーバーラッピング応用

Hiro: What’s that book?

Margaret: It’s a novel that my mother wrote.

Hiro: Your mother wrote a novel?

Margaret: Actually, she has written three novels.

Hiro: That’s so cool. What is the novel about?

Margaret: It’s a love story about two high school students from two different cultures. My mother became famous after she wrote this novel.

Hiro: Oh, I know. Your mother is R. W. Stanzak, right?

Margaret: Ha-ha! That’s right.

Pick-Up Phrases

My mother became famous.





:wife 医師: (medical) doctor ~のように見える: look

疲れた: tired  ~することに決める: decide to


My wife is a doctor. She looks tired every day. So I decided to cook dinner for her tonight.


My wife is a general practitioner(GP). She comes home every evening looking completely exhausted, so I thought I’d surprise her by cooking her favorite dish, fried lamp brains. YUMMY!



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